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Emerging Mass Torts

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Credit Lines

Counsel Financial can provide you fast and easy access to working capital when you need it. Because we value your contingent fees as assets, our credit lines are significantly larger than those from a bank and have more flexible terms.


Hybrid Line™

At Counsel Financial, not only do we offer rates that are comparable to your existing bank line, but we also give you significantly more working capital than a bank at our customary rates by valuing your contingent fees as assets.


Post-Settlement Financing

Payments from resolved cases can be delayed for a number of reasons, including slow-paying defendants, the claims administration process, appeals and lien resolution. However, you don’t have to wait. You can gain access to your attorneys’ fees now with Counsel Financial’s post-settlement financing.


Enter Mass Torts®

Counsel Financial’s Enter Mass Torts® Program provides your firm with the resources you need to confidently overcome these hurdles and develop a mass tort practice.


Practice Areas



Counsel Financial is proud to have worked with hundreds of law firms over our 15+ year history—providing more than $1.5 billion in financing to plaintiffs' bar. Read firsthand what our clients have to say about working with us.

Gain access to capital and some of the nation’s top mass tort litigators. 

If you qualify for a loan with Counsel Financial, then you can elect to use your credit line to advertise for mass tort cases. We will assist you in establishing a relationship with an attorney of your choice who has a proven track record litigating mass torts, which we refer to as a “Mentor.”

Once you decide which Mentor you want to work with as co-counsel, they can help you with marketing, vetting cases, navigating the mass tort process, and they will bear all of the expenses of the litigation. The program is designed to be streamlined and fully in your control, so you can have a stress-free transition into the mass tort space.


Master Mass Torts Alongside Seasoned Litigators

From case acquisition through case resolution and post-settlement matters, your firm can learn the process, as well as the proper business and legal models, to achieve the most successful conclusion for your mass tort clients. 

Counsel Financial's Enter Mass Torts® Program connects you with the guidance, skills and resources of top-name mass torts attorneys, so that you can avoid the common pitfalls inherent to this specialized practice area and confidently build your own mass tort firm.



Counsel Financial gave my firm the financial resources to expand our mass tort litigation into a nationwide practice
and provided the opportunity to simultaneously build both personal and law firm net worth.

Glenn Phillips, Esq.

Phillips Law Firm


The preferred plaintiffs' lawyer financing source of top trial organizations

Over our 15+ year history, we have earned the support of some of the nation’s most influential plaintiffs’ trial organizations. We are the only law firm lender exclusively endorsed by the American Association for Justice and The National Trial Lawyers.

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